Concrete Armbands EP Review – ‘I Don’t Like People Who Think They’re Above Everyone Else’

After forming three years ago, this Sheffield-based quartet is no stranger to the local music scene, and following the release of numerous singles, a debut EP and its remix, alongside an array of gigs across the city, the boys are back with a shiny new EP!

Kicking off this exhilarating release is the intriguing and aptly named ‘White Noise’, as pounding drums cut through the opening siren and fuzzy aesthetics, making way for a strong, powerful, rocky riff. This opener draws upon classic rock tendencies throughout, with the melody and vocals reminiscent of influences such as Biffy Clyro, brought to life with some punky screams. After pouring everything into the mightily powerful outro, a symmetrical and similarly fuzzy closure sets up the rest of the EP perfectly.  

Previously released ‘Sertraline’ (August 2020), exhibits the band’s vast range of musical influences, with a grungy intro alongside surprisingly more polished vocals which convey a pop-punk vibe, with possible hints of Bring Me The Horizon, interjected with 80s sounds. Their most recent single, ‘Baseball Bat’ (September 2020), gave us a snippet into the band’s more aggressive, punkier sound, which embodies this EP, through its simple yet alluring bass line. The track quickly morphs into a fun and satisfying 80s fest, featuring deep, growly Ian Curtis inspired vocals that clash beautifully with hints of The Human League, to provide a dark yet catchy number.

Concrete Armbands Performing at Frog & Parrot

‘Strawberries’ then immediately conveys the band’s signature punk sound in its pounding, IDLES -esque introductory bassline, with vocals that are more reminiscent of an Oh SeesPissed JeansKing Gizzard hybrid. The effortless delivery of matter-of-fact lyrics such as ‘the people of this town they stink, sometimes of drugs but its mainly all the drink’, also feature some nice harmonies as the song progresses, contrasting with the harsher tones, heavy guitars and fast-paced drums which form this heavier, punkier track.

This impressive EP is rounded off with the titular track’s punky, shouted vocals laid across a simple, raw guitar riff, expertly conveying a bitter rant about fake people, pretty faces on Instagram, and the negative effects of social media. This closing track succinctly expresses the idea of being angry at the modern world and people’s ever-growing ignorance, through sarcastic lines such as ‘I’ll leave you on your phone to have some alone time and I’ll go talk to a tree’. These feelings are conveyed perfectly in this short and sweet little number, with an abrupt ending that leaves you wanting more.

This latest release is not to be missed, and will surely solidify the name ‘Concrete Armbands’ as ones to watch, with the band set to become a firm (concrete) part of the Sheffield music scene’s foundations.

‘I Don’t Like People Who Think They’re Above Everyone Else’ is out now!

You can follow the band across social media: Facebook: Concrete Armbands, Instagram: @concretearmbands, Twitter: @CArmbands, Spotify: Concrete Armbands

Megan Wood

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