The Importance of Supporting Black-Owned Businesses.

Now more than ever, it’s important that we support small businesses, so to round-off black history month, we’ve spoken to some local black-owned businesses about what they do and the importance of supporting businesses like theirs.

SKIIN Cosmetics.

Skiin Cosmetics UK is a small, independent, female, black-owned, cosmetics and beauty business developed in October 2020 and launching in November. The ethos of the business focuses on providing cosmetics and beauty products for everyone, regardless of their individual differences. We hand source and package all our products to ensure they are the best quality for our customer base. All of our products are put together and packaged with love in easily recyclable materials to help our brand be more environmentally friendly. This is something that is especially important to us and that is why we ensure all our lip glosses are vegan and cruelty free.

We believe black owned businesses do not always get the recognition and support they need to grow. Supporting black owned businesses supports the closure of the racial wealth gap, strengthens local economies and celebrates black culture and communities as well as giving visibility and recognition to businesses that are often neglected and overshadowed. Skiin Cosmetics UK is an independent business set up by twin sisters in Sheffield. The idea originated from Amber, one of the co-owners of the business and was developed by her and her sister Saffron, the second co-owner during the end of September 2020. Since then, the business has already reached over 250 followers on Instagram and has also had lots of interaction on their Facebook and Tiktok accounts.

Skiin Cosmetics aspires to reach everybody worldwide as we view lip gloss as a feel-good product for everybody, regardless of their race, sexuality, gender and ability! Therefore we, ‘guarantee to have a shade of gloss that will kiss all your worries away.’ Alongside lip gloss, we have lots of other cosmetic and beauty products we know our customers will love and we cannot wait to launch in November. We have set targets to help our brand grow and to ensure we are going in the right direction. With the right support we expect big things to come from Skiin Cosmetics UK.

You can find us on our Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram accounts @SkiinCosmeticsUK and view all our products on our website at, which is due to launch on the 1st November.


Founded by Febimara and Mofe Sey Torera is a sister/sister duo with a love of scents! Spending years collecting our favourite candle brands scents to burn, our love for candles grew and grew. From the classic lavender scents to more creative scents like marshmallow or clean cotton, we loved filling the room with a new aroma.  However, these brands we loved so much had a few things in common – they smelt amazing yes, but the ingredients used were harmful for the environment and our health.

After trying to be more conscious of our own actions that contribute to the environmental distrain, we cut back on buying these candles. Wanting to take matters into our own hands Torera was born! Instead of the synthetic fragrances used in traditional scented candles, we have three basic, eco-conscious components: Cotton wick, soy wax and 100% essential oil blends.

The business has been going well, we’ve restocked 3 times now and have only been going for 3 months! In the future we hope to be stocked alongside other small business and attend craft shows once we are in an environment that we can do so. We also hope to launch more ranges of candles. Supporting Black Businesses helps to strengthen Black communities helping to close the racial wealth gap. Supporting small businesses is a generally better route to go down as every order is special to them.

You can purchase our candles from and check us out on Instagram for the latest drops


I was born in Ireland to parents of Nigerian and Guyanese descent which has given me a beautiful yet complex insight into the world and helped me to define my identity. My journey of self-awareness is heavily reflected in my poetry. I love scribbling on paper and being a positive influence in other people’s lives. I founded a female collective, the Society of Queens, alongside my sister to create a network for young girls. Before lockdown fully commenced in March, we had our last Society of Queens Event which was a success. Due to the pandemic, it’s making it hard for me to plan events although I have had meetings about virtual events. During this time the co-founder, Angel Orola, and I have been running workshops based on black history and the BLM movement with Chula Education. I hope to empower black young women, like me, growing up in the UK to achieve the unthinkable!

Made You Look BLVD is an independent female-owned business. Lip gloss has become a daily staple in peoples’ lives. We see gloss as a form of self-expression; therefore, we pride ourselves on inclusivity. We want to see EVERYONE wearing our gloss regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, or gender. All products are handmade with love in house. We use an alternative to beeswax, so all our products are vegan and gluten-free. The glosses contain moisturising ingredients to reduce the appearance of dry chapped lips whilst maintaining a beautiful shine. Our brand is solely based on being cruelty-free whilst bringing you affordable beauty products. We aim to create sustainable glosses that turn heads and make YOU look!

Since starting my own business, I have become more conscious about where I spend my coin. I think black people tend to get overshadowed and forgotten about when it comes to business as we don’t have the marketing and support from our peers. Our businesses tend to be from the ground up. It’s important to support black-owned businesses because black consumers contribute around £300 billion to the UK economy. Therefore, it is important to also reinvest in black communities too. Hence why #BlackPoundDay was started to re-inject money into the black community. Black Pound Day is a solution-based approach to support the growth of the Black Economy in the UK. This helps to motivate the black community and empower us. Also, it is an opportunity for people to discover new businesses and find out how they can support them in the long term.

You can find us on Instagram:

Some other great black-owned businesses include: Nzanda Ltd, K Label, Shop Denoa, WMNS WEAR, KAEB, Sainteaze, NAE Apparel, Kilentar, Kai Collective, Bad Society Club, Spring Summer Label, Sodah Brand, Farai LDN, Eva Collection, By Logan Brand, Slay Bleu, Bad Gyal Merchh, Maniere de voir, One 6 One, Misaiei, Mowalola, What We Wear, Loud Brand Studios, Ardelle, GDS Brand, By Dose, SLLONDON, Elicit Swim, Tofecol, Peju Obasa, Ashanti Swimwear, Glo.Ltd, Yfitwear, Kimiko Brand, V Four London, The Babe Apparel, Mina Novski, World of Nalu, Monae London, Leiluxe.

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