Introducing: Hydeout

Hydeout is a new, up and coming alt-rock/indie band originally formed last year by lead singer, lyricist and rhythm guitarist Joel and drummer Sam, after they met at Sheffield Hallam University. They were later joined by bassist Adam and most recently, lead guitarist Ellie. Despite Covid’s best efforts, lockdown hasn’t stopped the band from continuing to make music and with their latest single ‘Schooled’ coming out this Friday, we caught up with them to hear a bit more about it.

Tell us a bit about the band

Joel: ‘Hydeout was originally formed by myself and Sam kind of by accident when we met at a Shusic (Sheffield Hallam Music Society) event. I was planning an acoustic act then bumped into Sam and invited him to jam to one of my songs in front of an audience. He was a bit shook but after that we formed a band, originally called ‘Tip The Scales’ with a guitarist named Macs. A few months later things changed, we met Adam just after Christmas and he joined us, Macs then left and Covid hit. Generally we’d call ourselves an alt-rock/indie band but it changes depending on the song. Currently we have two songs up our sleeves, Schooled is definitely more alt-rock but Bomber Jacket Blitz, which has been our headline for a while, is more indie-rock.’

How were things going before Covid brought everything to a halt?

Adam: ‘The timing for us couldn’t really have been any worse, we had half a dozen gigs ready and booked for only a few weeks after the restrictions came in. All of these had to be called off which was really quite demoralising at the time. We kept moving on as a band though and achieved quite a lot over lockdown; that said we are really looking forward to getting back out there because the Sheffield music scene is incredible. We have had one new member since lockdown as Ellie joined us in August but there was absolutely no animosity or bad feelings with our old guitarist. The relationship between the four of us, our dynamic and our direction has never been stronger.’

What artists do you take inspiration from, who are your musical influences?

Joel: ‘Whenever anyone asks me this question, I tend to default to Don Broco and the Arctic Monkeys. Being a Sheffield based band, saying Arctic Monkeys is rather cliché I’ll admit but I’m actually from Leicester so I think I can get away with it. The first few songs I learnt to play on guitar were Do I wanna know? R U Mine and Fluorescent Adolescent so I guess after learning those riffs, it kind of became a staple in my melody writing. Lyrically though, I draw influence from pretty much every genre from indie pop to hip hop, but the energy that I want to capture in our songs is more recent. I think I was introduced to Don Broco in 2018 and the first song I heard was Everybody. I was taught the dance to it in a venue called The Shed in Leicester and my god is it so much fun to do. I was like, “I wish I could make people feel like this with my songs.” Before that, they were all a little more morbid. Granted, some still are but it’s based on how I’m feeling. My other influences range from Marmozets, Vukovi, King No-One, Nothing But Thieves and The Hunna all the way to Stormzy, Joyner Lucas, Bastille and Imagine Dragons. I like to keep it varied, which means our songs will stay fresh too.’

Tell us about the new single

Joel: ‘Schooled is something I wrote a few years ago with a previous band I was part of and it was originally going to be a solo song.  The lyrics came from a depressive phase I was going through, feeling like I was being beaten down by everything but I’m a bit of a romantic, I believe in true love and everything like that so in the song I talk about not being loved and how it’s not worth shedding a tear over. In some ways the song is like me punishing myself amongst a few other meanings. That’s why the song has a lot of energy, there’s a lot of raw passion behind it but it’s a really fun song to play because of how much it makes you want to move. I can’t wait to play it at gigs and see people jumping up and down when we get to the chorus.                                                                           

Recording under Covid restrictions was difficult, we were originally meant to record in March but then lockdown happened and it was June before the first demo of our other single, Bomber Jacket Blitz was sent off. We weren’t meant to record Schooled at all but when we got back to practicing together in August, we found that Bomber Jacket Blitz was ready to record so we thought about what else we could put together. Schooled is an easy but impressive sounding song; it’s simple but fun. It took a lot of back and forth between us and it’s been a stressful time but we did it.’  

What does the future look like for the band?

Sam: ‘The future’s looking really promising, we’re hoping to record one or two more singles so we can release our first EP in the next year or so. Our main goal at the minute is to get back to gigging, we really miss performing live. My personal favourite place to gig is West Street Live, we only did one gig there before lockdown but that’ll be one of the first places I’ll be looking to get another gig together. In the next couple of years, we’re hoping to release our first album when we’ve got ten or twelve songs together. We’re starting to progress slowly from releasing our first couple of singles and moving on to expanding our range and diversity of music while still keeping our style in-tact and having fun while playing.’

‘Schooled’ comes out on the 27th November and until then, you can hear more from Hydeout here:

Louisa Merrick-White

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