Hydeout Single Review- ‘Schooled’

Despite the obvious challenges 2020 has thrown at us, especially for the music and entertainment industry, Sheffield’s alternative rock/indie quartet, Hydeout, have finally managed to released their alt-rock, debut single!  

The track begins with a sharp, isolated and almost unnerving guitar riff before the introduction of punchy drums and rolling, deep bass that brings a darker feel, immediately driving the track’s primary alt-rock vibes. The smooth, deep vocals then cut through to convey wistful lyrics such as ‘it’s tough when you can’t get no love’, drawing upon the song’s main themes of feeling unloved and being beaten down by everything. Lines such as, ‘but I lie to myself at night’ and ‘when I smile, I smile through my tears’, further reflect the depressive phase in which the lyrics were formed, speaking about being so hard on yourself, to the point where you’re actually punishing and bullying yourself, with these issues also linking back to the single’s title Schooled.

As the track progresses, the middle section features some nice backing vocals, with these layers adding an extra dimension to the poignant line ‘I wanna give up sharing my thoughts, cus when I share it just never seems to be enough to dig me out of my own grave’. It’s here that you really realise the passion of the band, especially as the track heads towards its dangerously catchy chorus, where the initial intriguing riff becomes absent, and drums compliment the anthemic line ‘no it’s not worth shedding a tear’. It’s clear that the song has a lot of energy and raw passion behind it, and it’s easy to imagine a crowd chanting the chorus over and over in unison, when we can *hopefully* all experience gigs together again. 

Overall, this is a nice little debut from an up and coming band, who have done well to persevere through all the challenges to release music during this extremely difficult time. The accompanying music video was filmed socially distanced and in Covid-safe conditions, also features some of the bands friends and fans, creating a sense of community in these strange times. This difficult year has put a lot of things into perspective, and this central message also acts as a pillar of hope in a track that ultimately comes from a dark place, being a constant reminder that a lot of things in life aren’t ‘worth shedding a tear over’, something I think we all need to remember. 

Megan Wood

‘Schooled’, and its accompanying music video, is out now!

Follow the band on social media: Facebook- Hydeout, Instagram-@wearehydeout, Twitter- @wearehydeout and Spotify.

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