Five Films Set in Sheffield

The proud Steel City is famous for being the home of two amazing football teams, industrial heritage and an all-round beautiful city – but did you know about the thriving films set here? Sheffield doesn’t have a walk of fame for nothing! Obviously, Sheffield is a unique city unlike any other – so it’s no surprise that so many film crews make movies here.

Here are just a few stand-out movies that are set and filmed in Sheffield.


Perhaps most recognisable for its black comedy elements, Four Lions follows a group of young men living in Sheffield and their inept efforts at terrorism. It’s a hilarious film that satirises terrorism and makes light of a truly dark subject. You’ll recognise almost every scene in the film with locations such as The Wicker and Tinsley Viaduct being shown. The Malin Bridge tram even gets its own spotlight during transitions.

It’s clear that the most recognisable scene is the one where the men are running down a street with a shopping bag full of shoddy, homemade explosives. Meersbrook Park Road gets a starring role during this part and you’ll see the park clearly in the background. Four Lions also shoots in Meersbrook Park near the end of the film in softer moments. You’ll be awestruck at seeing familiar locations, but kept engaged through the hysterical comedy and commentary throughout.


It’s time for a completely spine-chilling film that shows the catastrophic impact of what would happen during a nuclear strike in Sheffield. Threads is a social horror movie that sees Sheffield during a nuclear winter and how the working class deal with the fallout of the Cold War. Many locations were featured, but you can famously catch a glimpse of the destroyed Tinsley cooling towers.

Perhaps the most terrifying part of the movie is when everyone in the City Centre hears an explosion and they all fall into chaos. People are shown to panic across familiar locations such as The Moor and City Hall. You’ll be left horror-stricken at these locations being descended into utter madness. If you want to see Sheffield in a completely new light, then definitely check this one out.


Sheffield actor Sean Bean is beloved across the world, but he belongs to Sheffield. As a Sheffield United fan, Bean got to live out his fantasy with this classic football drama that follows a drunken brewery worker and his rise as a football player. It’s the ultimate football fan’s dream, and Sean Bean gets to live it.

Look out for Hallam FC’s Sandygate Road football ground, as it plays a crucial part in moulding Bean’s character into a professional player. From little matches, to the Rocky-like montage towards the end, Sandygate Road football ground is clearly the star. SUFC fans will be delighted that Bramall Lane is shown in detail and you’ll even see Bean score the winning goal whilst donning the Blades uniform. It’s definitely a moment you don’t want to forget (unless you’re a SWFC fan).


This is one of the darkest films on this list and isn’t one for the faint hearted. Kill List is a psychological horror that follows a British soldier returning home. He ends up joining an old friend to work as a contract killer. The soldier soon spirals out of control and the film gets a lot darker.  It’s eerie to see Sheffield as a setting for some pretty dark moments, but it’s strangely entertaining to watch.

Kill List shows the main character going after his targets in familiar locations such as Carlisle Street and near a scrapyard on Spital Hill. The Royal Victoria Hotel plays a huge part in the film as it’s a frequent setting where the contracts are sealed and handed over to hit men. You’ll never be able to look at these locations in the same way again.


The highest grossing film to come out of Sheffield is obviously The Full Monty. It follows a group of unemployed steelworkers who end up stripping to make ends meet. The only thing they have to lose are their clothes. The Full Monty is a hoot from start to finish, and the final stripping scene shot inside the Shiregreen Club was filmed before a real audience! Sadly, the working men’s club is now closed, but the rest of the locations are still available to see.

Many places such as The Jobcentre on West Street, Parkwood Springs and Burton Street School in Hillsborough are featured. The most remembered location has to be the fictitious ‘Millthorpe Working Men’s Club’, whose exterior is located at Regency House near Idsworth Road. The location is home to a furniture warehouse that is still available to see today! Any Sheffield film fan needs to watch this film, as no other movie shows Sheffield off quite like The Full Monty.

Charlie Vogelsang

Image credit: @heritagesheffield

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