Sheffield’s Best Places for Vintage Shopping and the Importance of Shopping Sustainably

The fast fashion industry leaves behind a huge environmental footprint; according to Oxfam it is the third biggest reason for climate change. This, combined with the aesthetic of vintage clothing becoming increasingly popular, is encouraging more people to shop sustainably. Fast fashion has ensured the cost of clothing is kept low but this comes at the expense of the living and working conditions of workers in developing countries. Reusing, reworking or switching to ethically made brands is a simple way to help this prevalent problem.

Sheffield has a breadth of vintage clothing shops that hold a variety of rare retro pieces which are loved by students in particular. Shopping at these places guarantees that your money is not being spent on child labour or fuelling the destructive fast fashion industry. 

Located on West Street, COW is perfectly placed for students and is part of a well-respected vintage chain with shops across the country. It is a favourite amongst students due to the variety of events held throughout the year, particularly during freshers week. A highlight of this shop is the WE ARE COW range: it contains retro pieces that have been reworked by COW’s own design team to give you a one of a kind piece.

Preloved Kilo is the newest edition to Sheffields vintage scene. Previously Mooch Vintage, the store is consistently up to date with the trends – stock is replenished repeatedly throughout the day so you’re guaranteed to find new pieces each visit. They offer clothes for £15 per kilo which is extremely good value for money and perfect for students living on a budget. 

Glass Onion (previously R.A.G Vintage) is relatively new to the vintage shopping scene in Sheffield. The variety in this store is incredible with brands including, Nascar, North Face, Patagonia, Ralph Lauren, Levi, Adidas, Guess, Tommy Hilifger and many more. Glass Onion also have a website which includes all their stock; this is perfect for lockdown periods when you still want your fashion fix. Whilst this store is on the pricer side, there are some more affordable pieces if you look carefully.

Vulgar is an independent store which takes inspiration from past sub-cultures. They specialise in prints, timeless accessories and early 90’s and 00’s designer labels such as Burberry, Versace, Prada, Stone island and Moschino. This store is remarkably unique and you certainly will not leave empty handed. 

Thrifty store is the largest vintage store in Sheffield with an overwhelming array of pieces. Whilst the appearance may be deceivingly small from the outside, once you enter you are plunged into a warehouse full of racks holding unique and affordable pieces. It is an Eco-lovers dream and cannot be missed.

Whilst vintage stores can sometimes be on the pricey side, you can still shop sustainably by visiting charity shops. Charity shops are notoriously cheap and you are choosing to spend money on a great cause.

Vintage clothing really is unbeatable; from the quality and originality, it is the perfect way to fuel your love for clothes whilst still remaining sustainable.

Pia Cooper

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