5 Reasons We Need Bridgerton in 2021.

Bridgerton has been a super popular show, providing escapism and entertainment for millions of Netflix viewers around the world. All episodes of this 8-part series went onto Netflix at the end of December- and viewers have been hooked ever since. This series is a brilliant production by Shondaland, and with more series already rumoured to be on the way- Bridgerton is definitely one to watch out for in the coming years.

If you’ve not yet got around to watching Bridgerton, here are 5 reasons you need it in your life in 2021.

Pure escapism

The escapist quality of this series is the main reason you need Bridgerton in your life this year. With a lot of stressful, uncertain events happening in the world at the moment, this series provides entertainment and escapism for the modern viewer- it’s the perfect distraction. Amidst a global pandemic, we need shows that offer no reminders of the situation going on outside. In Bridgerton there is no mention of pandemics, daily briefings, or the rate of infection so this is the perfect show to lose yourself in for a large dose of entertainment and drama.

Brilliant diversity

Based on a series of books by Julia Quinn, the TV version of Bridgerton includes a diverse range of characters that makes the series very relatable for the modern viewer. For example, there are characters of different backgrounds in high positions, and a range of diverse and rich female characters who all have different opinions and attitudes. There’s Eloise, who is out-spoken and articulate; there’s Penelope, who is thoughtful but sad; and there is Marina, who has a secret she knows she cannot tell anyone. I loved the rich, diverse range of stories and characters, and this certainly added an interesting, modern feel to the whole show.

It is different to any other historical series

Because of its diversity, this series is certainly very different to any other historical series. We need Bridgerton in 2021 just because of the sheer modernity of the series alone, with the series even using a few classic renditions of modern songs at the city balls. In many ways, this series is like a mixture between historical fiction and modern drama. The struggle of the characters feels real, their issues are relevant and relatable. Issues such as whether to have children, how to make a relationship work, and feeling frustrated by family expectations are all issues modern viewers will find relatable.

Binge-worthy storylines

Everyone seems to have zoomed through this series at top speed, and that’s because the episodes are so easy to watch one after another. The storylines are light and easy to watch, and it makes you want to keep coming back for more. This series is also relatively short (compared to other series with twenty or more episodes) and so it is easy to watch in just a few sittings.

Those costumes

You need Bridgerton in your life because of the costumes alone! They are bright, fun, elegant and certainly bring the action to life. The characters in this show all have very rich, varied personalities and the costumes in the show reflect these traits. The pomp and ceremony associated with the balls is amazing, and this year we all need the excitement of the Bridgerton costumes put on display.

There’s a reason Bridgerton has been so popular with modern viewers in the past couple of months, and at the moment we all need a distraction from the uncertainty outside our window. Bridgerton offers that escapism, providing a show with relatable, modern storylines that you can get lost in from episode one.

Bridgerton is available on Netflix now.

Eleanor Jones

Twitter: @notsomoderngirl

Blog: notsomoderngirl.com

Image Credit: Netflix

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