Sheffield Students Host Virtual Concert to Support Local Venue

The effects of COVID-19 have left many live venues are struggling financially. This is sadly the case for many well-known and much-loved venues in Sheffield.

Plot 22 is one of the many live entertainment spaces that has been affected and we, a group of students studying at The University of Sheffield, are doing everything we can to help it stay open. We are hosting an online concert called ‘Save Plot 22’ to raise money for the struggling venue and would love to see as many people attending as possible (virtually, of course). 

This event is so important to us as we feel that grassroot venues are such a huge stepping stone for bands and artists just starting out. Ask Coldplay, The 1975 and Foals if they ever played in grassroot venues before playing arena tours – I can have a good guess at what their answer will be! We have an amazing line up of over 15 local acts planned, including songs from Sweetness, The Kecks and many more bands and artists with a connection to Sheffield, all wanting to do their bit to help out a struggling venue.

Even just raising more awareness of the venue to ensure that people will visit there when doors reopen, will ultimately help them out and that is our primary aim.

The ‘Save Plot 22’ event will be held on the 27th of February at 6pm via a YouTube livestream. The event is free to attend, however, we will be attaching the link to a crowd-funder donation page provided to us by the venue so you can support the venue directly if you are able to.

We would love to see you there!

You can view the event page for more information here, find out more about Plot 22 here and donate here.

Hannah Youds

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