Stop Burying the Gays: Why Do Queer Love Stories Rarely Have Happy Endings?

The portrayal of homosexual relationships in popular media and fiction has always been fraught with public backlash and difficulties. From queerbaiting to the incessant use of the ‘bury your gays’ trope, it seems like a successful and wholesome LGBTQ+ pairing is rare, even in current, so-called enlightened times. Get ready for a whistle stop tourContinue reading “Stop Burying the Gays: Why Do Queer Love Stories Rarely Have Happy Endings?”

Sheffield Students Host Virtual Concert to Support Local Venue

The effects of COVID-19 have left many live venues are struggling financially. This is sadly the case for many well-known and much-loved venues in Sheffield. Plot 22 is one of the many live entertainment spaces that has been affected and we, a group of students studying at The University of Sheffield, are doing everything we canContinue reading “Sheffield Students Host Virtual Concert to Support Local Venue”

Creating Space: LGBT Clubs in the World of Football

Historically, sports have been hotbeds for abuse and anti-LGBT behaviour. Although there are challenges around the fans of the game, sports are seeing changes in inclusivity. This is not only in the established Football Association leagues, but in the development of LGBT specific leagues and clubs. Athletes are creating the space in the existence ofContinue reading “Creating Space: LGBT Clubs in the World of Football”

Local Charity Announces Fundraising Theatrical Extravaganza

South Yorkshire charity Roundabout has recently announced a new addition to its 2021 fundraising calendar, in the form of a live, drive-in musical theatre extravaganza to be held in Meadowhall’s orange car park in on the 12th of June. Roundabout is a youth homeless charity that supports young people aged 16-25 who are homeless orContinue reading “Local Charity Announces Fundraising Theatrical Extravaganza”

5 Reasons We Need Bridgerton in 2021.

Bridgerton has been a super popular show, providing escapism and entertainment for millions of Netflix viewers around the world. All episodes of this 8-part series went onto Netflix at the end of December- and viewers have been hooked ever since. This series is a brilliant production by Shondaland, and with more series already rumoured toContinue reading “5 Reasons We Need Bridgerton in 2021.”

Spray Painting Sheffield: Sheffield’s Street Art Trail.

At this point in lockdown, you’re probably dreading what seems like your 700th walk around the park. Of course, Sheffield is blessed with over 250 parks but if you fancy something a bit different, the Sheffield Street Art Trail could be for you. Provided by Our Favourite Places, the Street Art Trail includes 10 ofContinue reading “Spray Painting Sheffield: Sheffield’s Street Art Trail.”

Sheffield Health Worker Going Above & Beyond

Milly Hastelow, a 22-year-old from Sheffield, has embodied what ‘care’ means throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. As frontline NHS and Senior Healthcare worker in a private setting, Milly is one of the many, putting the needs of others before her own during these difficult times. Despite her busy work life, Milly doesn’t stop there; outside ofContinue reading “Sheffield Health Worker Going Above & Beyond”

Local Journalist Tackling Taboos with New Podcast

Local young journalist Niamh Brownhill is aiming to tackle society’s taboo subjects head on in her new podcast, Talking Taboo with Niamh. Niamh is a student journalist currently in her final year at Sheffield College and won the BBC’s National Young Reporter award last year for her brilliant piece, ‘I Quit College to Care forContinue reading “Local Journalist Tackling Taboos with New Podcast”

“She does not represent us”: Parish Councillor Under Investigation Following Complaints From Residents.

Anthea Brownrigg of Ecclesfield Parish Council, is facing an investigation by Sheffield City Council after a number of residents in the Chapeltown ward which she represents, complained about content posted and shared on her social media accounts. Concerns were raised after a range of content posted on her social media profiles over the last fewContinue reading ““She does not represent us”: Parish Councillor Under Investigation Following Complaints From Residents.”

Boris Johnson Announces New Four Tier Restrictions.

New four-tier restrictions are to be enforced in high-risk areas across England, Boris Johnson has announced today. The decision has been made after the critical discovery that the new ‘strain’ of Covid-19 has ‘up to a 70% higher transmission rate’. Stringent conversations have been had and Mr Johnson says: ‘We must take action now’. WithContinue reading “Boris Johnson Announces New Four Tier Restrictions.”