Stocksbridge Park Steels – A Bright Future Ahead

Like most football clubs across the country, Stocksbridge Park Steels have had a challenging few months. With Covid-19 bringing last season to a halt and removing all source of income, the Northern Premier South East Division team have gone from fighting for a playoff position to having to crowdfund to replace spectator income. But nowContinue reading “Stocksbridge Park Steels – A Bright Future Ahead”

Football in Sheffield: The New Season is Upon Us

It doesn’t feel like two minutes since the football league season ended on 26th July, not to mention FA Cups and Champions League games that followed, and yet in a few short days the season will begin again, bringing with it high hopes and anticipation for many fans. Football post-Covid-19 is certainly a different entityContinue reading “Football in Sheffield: The New Season is Upon Us”

Introducing: Crossfire Eagles

The impacts of Covid-19 have hit the music industry hard: venues closing, tours cancelled, album releases postponed. We caught up with bassist, William Simister, from South Yorkshire based band, Crossfire Eagles to see how lockdown has impacted the groups plans.  What have you guys been up to for the past few months?  We’ve had aContinue reading “Introducing: Crossfire Eagles”

Commuting to Uni in Sheffield

Going to uni is a strange time for everyone, and a big change whether you decide to move away to uni or stay in your home town. Deciding to stay at home and commute to university is a decision that can be looked down upon, with some people believing that it doesn’t give you theContinue reading “Commuting to Uni in Sheffield”

The Leadmill Beyond Lockdown

With the reopening of music venues creeping ever closer, we spoke to Sam, a Live Promoter at the Leadmill to hear how one of Sheffield’s most popular music venues has weathered the storm of Coronavirus and what the future of nights out and live music could look like. How has lockdown been for the LeadmillContinue reading “The Leadmill Beyond Lockdown”

‘Fresher’s will be Freshers’, Sheffield student reflects on her first year at SHU

This year’s freshers are to be welcomed to university after a summer of academic stress and uncertainty. Young people up and down the country lost their first choice university place due to the government’s reckless approach to results day. Eventually the government were defeated as individuals fought against the faulty algorithm, forcing a U-turn and givingContinue reading “‘Fresher’s will be Freshers’, Sheffield student reflects on her first year at SHU”

A Look Back at 30 Years of Meadowhall

Today marks 30 years since the opening of Meadowhall, so what better time to look back at how one of the region’s biggest shopping centres came to be? The building of Meadowhall came at a difficult time in Sheffield’s history as deindustrialisation led to job losses and economic problems for large parts of the country,Continue reading “A Look Back at 30 Years of Meadowhall”