The Life and Times of Mark Firth

There have been many prominent Sheffield folk over the past few centuries who have grafted their way from the murky factory floors of the city’s east end and the Little Mesters workshops of Kelham Island and the Sheaf Valley, to earn a small fortune and a handsome Victorian mansion on Sheffield’s west side. Mark Firth, in that regard, wasn’t significantly different from others beforeContinue reading “The Life and Times of Mark Firth”

Hydeout Single Review- ‘Schooled’

Despite the obvious challenges 2020 has thrown at us, especially for the music and entertainment industry, Sheffield’s alternative rock/indie quartet, Hydeout, have finally managed to released their alt-rock, debut single!   The track begins with a sharp, isolated and almost unnerving guitar riff before the introduction of punchy drums and rolling, deep bass that brings a darker feel, immediately driving the track’s primaryContinue reading “Hydeout Single Review- ‘Schooled’”

Introducing: Hydeout

Hydeout is a new, up and coming alt-rock/indie band originally formed last year by lead singer, lyricist and rhythm guitarist Joel and drummer Sam, after they met at Sheffield Hallam University. They were later joined by bassist Adam and most recently, lead guitarist Ellie. Despite Covid’s best efforts, lockdown hasn’t stopped the band from continuingContinue reading “Introducing: Hydeout”

Independent Local Businesses to Support this Christmas

With the Coronavirus Pandemic decimating the economy, it’s more important than ever that we all try and shop local this year to support independent businesses in our area! To help with this, we’ve compiled a list of just a few of the amazing local businesses that you can buy from this Christmas to support yourContinue reading “Independent Local Businesses to Support this Christmas”

The Problem of Plot: Transgender Representation in Literature.

The rise of transgender representation in media, books in particular, has made great progress in raising awareness in recent years. With this comes one particular risk; the creation of the transgender victim of violence as a new social stereotype. In many ways, this has become a standard for the emerging genre regardless of the longContinue reading “The Problem of Plot: Transgender Representation in Literature.”

Local Businesses Unite to Support Barnsley Hospice.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has had a devastating financial impact across society over recent months, affecting individuals, businesses and charities alike. With Christmas Markets and other such events cancelled this year, one Barnsley resident is doing something to try and support local independent businesses while also raising money for Barnsley Hospice, which like many charities, hasContinue reading “Local Businesses Unite to Support Barnsley Hospice.”

Our Bodies Our Streets: Fighting Street Harassment In Sheffield.

Coming from a small village in the Cotswolds, street harassment culture was something I never really experienced, bar the occasional comment from strange men outside clubs or my mum warning me not to wear certain outfits late at night. It wasn’t until I moved to Sheffield that I was forced to confront the issue headContinue reading “Our Bodies Our Streets: Fighting Street Harassment In Sheffield.”

How Covid-19 Ruined a Generation of Young Academics.

It is no secret that the education system has been unfairly battered by the hurricane of Covid-19 in the UK. Just as children were pulled from schooling in late March and sentenced to months of home teaching by parents already struggling to adapt to working from home, their return to school in September has notContinue reading “How Covid-19 Ruined a Generation of Young Academics.”

Remembering Some of Sheffield’s Forgotten Heroes.

The First and Second World Wars might’ve ended decades ago, but no matter how much time passes, the loved ones of those who fought or died never forget their sacrifice. Today, we remember the actions of Sheffield’s forgotten heroes. Arthur Pemberton fought in World War One with the Army Service Corps, adding a year toContinue reading “Remembering Some of Sheffield’s Forgotten Heroes.”

Does the public expect too much of UK politicians?

It is undeniable that as a public we have incredibly high expectations of politicians. We look to them as national leaders in times of good and bad. We view them in a superhuman manner, constantly criticising their every move. In a highly polarised society between the left-wing vs the right-wing, the Brexiteers vs the RemainersContinue reading “Does the public expect too much of UK politicians?”