The First Taste of Freedom: How residents are enjoying the outdoors as restrictions ease

On Monday 29th March, the country saw the relaxation of some of the restrictions that we have been living under since the beginning of January. You can now meet others outdoors in groups of up to six people or two households, including in private gardens, outdoor sports facilities have reopened and larger groups can takeContinue reading “The First Taste of Freedom: How residents are enjoying the outdoors as restrictions ease”

“I miss Sheffield but I’m reluctant to return.”

I fell in love with Sheffield. There’s no doubt about that. It wasn’t an instant love though; I didn’t turn up on the first day of freshers in 2017 and experience love at first sight. I spent my first semester at the University of Sheffield homesick, missing London, my family and my school friends. IContinue reading ““I miss Sheffield but I’m reluctant to return.””

Sheffield Health Worker Going Above & Beyond

Milly Hastelow, a 22-year-old from Sheffield, has embodied what ‘care’ means throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. As frontline NHS and Senior Healthcare worker in a private setting, Milly is one of the many, putting the needs of others before her own during these difficult times. Despite her busy work life, Milly doesn’t stop there; outside ofContinue reading “Sheffield Health Worker Going Above & Beyond”

Boris Johnson Announces New Four Tier Restrictions.

New four-tier restrictions are to be enforced in high-risk areas across England, Boris Johnson has announced today. The decision has been made after the critical discovery that the new ‘strain’ of Covid-19 has ‘up to a 70% higher transmission rate’. Stringent conversations have been had and Mr Johnson says: ‘We must take action now’. WithContinue reading “Boris Johnson Announces New Four Tier Restrictions.”

Well Beings: A Student Mental Health Guide

Space to Breathe is a Sheffield-based social enterprise which helps people to improve their mental health and wellbeing. They offer a variety of services and resources on their website, ranging from free PDFs and meditation videos, to wellbeing boxes and resource packs. Earlier this year, Space to Breathe partnered with the Student Christian Movement toContinue reading “Well Beings: A Student Mental Health Guide”

The Importance of Virtual Events in 2020.

COVID-19 has changed the way almost all industries work, including the entertainment industry. Concerts and shows have suddenly been cancelled or postponed whilst the people who work behind the scenes have suddenly stopped working for the foreseeable future.  This had led to events being held virtually via live stream and charities being formed to helpContinue reading “The Importance of Virtual Events in 2020.”

Local Businesses Unite to Support Barnsley Hospice.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has had a devastating financial impact across society over recent months, affecting individuals, businesses and charities alike. With Christmas Markets and other such events cancelled this year, one Barnsley resident is doing something to try and support local independent businesses while also raising money for Barnsley Hospice, which like many charities, hasContinue reading “Local Businesses Unite to Support Barnsley Hospice.”

Student mental health in Sheffield declines as Coronavirus cases rise.

Sheffield Hallam Student Support services such as Hallam Help, wellbeing and personal guidance advisors have been in high demand. And with an increase in cases and people having to self- isolate, and uncertainty regarding new restrictions and measures in the place to contain coronavirus, it’s no wonder.    The week commencing 5th October saw overContinue reading “Student mental health in Sheffield declines as Coronavirus cases rise.”

COVID Spike In Sheffield Schools: Should we be worried?

Since schools across the country began reopening over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen outbreaks in a number of primary and secondary schools across Sheffield and South Yorkshire. For many people, this has been alarming, with some fearing this marks the beginning of a second wave. The question is, are these outbreaks the resultContinue reading “COVID Spike In Sheffield Schools: Should we be worried?”

‘Fresher’s will be Freshers’, Sheffield student reflects on her first year at SHU

This year’s freshers are to be welcomed to university after a summer of academic stress and uncertainty. Young people up and down the country lost their first choice university place due to the government’s reckless approach to results day. Eventually the government were defeated as individuals fought against the faulty algorithm, forcing a U-turn and givingContinue reading “‘Fresher’s will be Freshers’, Sheffield student reflects on her first year at SHU”