Creating Space: LGBT Clubs in the World of Football

Historically, sports have been hotbeds for abuse and anti-LGBT behaviour. Although there are challenges around the fans of the game, sports are seeing changes in inclusivity. This is not only in the established Football Association leagues, but in the development of LGBT specific leagues and clubs. Athletes are creating the space in the existence ofContinue reading “Creating Space: LGBT Clubs in the World of Football”

Football For Foodbanks: Kick About To Help Out

COVID-19 has all but decimated the economy, leaving many people out of work and struggling financially. As a result, foodbank use across the country is increasing, with The Trussell Trust forecasting a 61% increase in food parcels needed this winter. With tough times ahead, a group of local football fans are doing their bit toContinue reading “Football For Foodbanks: Kick About To Help Out”

Stocksbridge Park Steels – A Bright Future Ahead

Like most football clubs across the country, Stocksbridge Park Steels have had a challenging few months. With Covid-19 bringing last season to a halt and removing all source of income, the Northern Premier South East Division team have gone from fighting for a playoff position to having to crowdfund to replace spectator income. But nowContinue reading “Stocksbridge Park Steels – A Bright Future Ahead”

Football in Sheffield: The New Season is Upon Us

It doesn’t feel like two minutes since the football league season ended on 26th July, not to mention FA Cups and Champions League games that followed, and yet in a few short days the season will begin again, bringing with it high hopes and anticipation for many fans. Football post-Covid-19 is certainly a different entityContinue reading “Football in Sheffield: The New Season is Upon Us”